The Aftermath of Mass Shootings

Here in the U.S., we are once again reeling from a series of mass shootings and the unavoidable aftermath of debates and inaction. Harvey Rosenthal—the CEO of the New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services and a staunch advocate for people with mental illness—wrote this opinion piece, published in USA Today yesterday, titled, “I have a … Continued

An Opinion on Clinical Peer Support

Peer Specialists are particularly underpaid and have a limited career growth trajectory within the “peer specialist” position. We’ve seen peers continue to invest in their own career development, furthering their education and training, and eventually moving into other ACT team positions or out of ACT all together. When they do move into the other positions, … Continued

When I Get That Feeling, I Want …

If you were not aware, “Virginia is for Lovers” — the travel slogan for this great state, which we’ve had the pleasure of working with the past couple of years. An apt slogan for a topic raised in training this week — how to support individuals around their desires to have sex and intimacy.   As an ACT team, … Continued

Seeing Patients In Other Facilities

Hospitals Nursing homes Rest homes Group homes Family care homes Jails In creating any policy and funding in support of ACT intersecting with any institution, it’s best to consider the “spirit” of the program and how to support that best practice, and also consider the many ways it can be abused.  Overlaying ACT on institutional … Continued

Adjusting Service Intensity

I would bet we all can agree that service intensity should be tailored to what the individual wants and needs — but that response is also too simple, and not very helpful.  I’ll bullet point on some considerations… What you are able to offer depends on what you have on deck for resources.  Fully staffed … Continued

Grassroots Provider Efforts

North Carolina (NC) ACT Coalition was founded over 10 years ago, where a few NC agencies committed to providing ACT – and doing it well — joined together as a solid unit to share resources, ideas, and unite to be a single voice lobbying for more resources and better policy.  These few originating agencies spanned … Continued

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