ACT in a Rural Setting

The TMACT Breakdown

There’s always been some uncertainty about the extent ACT can be implemented in less urban (more rural) settings. The published literature is rather scant, and often not really evaluating “ACT,” but some lighter version of the model. In preparation for a training, we took a look at our own NC ACT fidelity data of 73 teams, and more closely examined the teams with a less than 100 population per square mile of catchment area (11 teams).

TMACT Ratings:
Mean: All teams (3.9) vs. Most Rural (4.0)
Median: All teams (3.8) vs. Most Rural (4.0)
Highest/Lowest ratings: All Teams (4.2 / 3.2) vs. Most Rural (4.3 / 3.6)

Our most rural team is the most western part of the state, serving 3 counties totaling 1,020 sq miles (mountainous area) with total general population of 46,559. Population per sq mile = 46. This team is serving 69 individuals, operating a “medium sized ACT team.” Most recent TMACT rating is 4.3 (High Fidelity).

Photo by Wes Hicks