A core value at the Institute for Best Practices is our belief that people do the best they can with what they have – this goes for both those receiving and providing services.

Through innovation and rigorous research, a compliment of evidence-based practices (EBPs) for individuals with severe mental illness exists. However, these practices are not readily available in the community, especially at a higher level of quality (“fidelity”).

The work of the Institute aims to help more people with serious mental illness get access to high-fidelity EBPs by providing consultation, training, and resources to providers who are delivering services, as well as those managing and financing the services.

Institute Staff have a diverse background involving mental health services research, measurement development, supervision, advocacy, and leadership. Most importantly, we have a great deal of experience in delivering clinical and rehabilitation services, as well as receiving services. We know the challenges of working in a complicated and often under-funded system of care and approach our various stakeholders with compassion and empathy.

Our staff share a similar perspective –we have moved well beyond just helping people find stability, we want to help people grow into their full potential. We, ourselves, are also evolving and growing – looking for opportunities to broaden and strengthen our own skills and knowledge.