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Purpose Statement:
The purpose of the full time Substance Abuse Specialist is to provide expertise to the ACT Team for treatment of the individuals served.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
 Conduct Substance Abuse Assessments
 Coordinate treatment plan with team members
 Implement individual-level counseling
 Coordinate group counseling
 Assist in developing POC for individuals served
 Assist with crisis interventions
 Staff to client ratio must not exceed 1:8 (this does not include the psychiatrist and program
administrative assistant)
 Any other applicable duties requested by supervisor and Agency
Psychiatric Treatment and Dual Diagnosis Substance Abuse Services
 Provide ongoing assessment of clients’ mental illness symptoms and clients’ response to treatment. Make appropriate changes in treatment plans to ensure immediate and appropriate interventions are provided in response to changes in mental status or behavior which put clients at risk (e.g. suicidality)
 Provide symptom education to enable clients to identify their mental illness symptoms.
 Provide direct clinical services to clients on an individual, group, and family basis in the office and in community settings to teach behavioral symptom-management techniques to alleviate
and manage symptoms not reduced by medication and to promote personal growth and
development by assisting clients to adapt to and cope with internal and external stress.
 Coordinate with outside inpatient services to detoxify clients and establish linkage to self-help
programs (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous), outpatient services, and
residential facilities.
 Participate in providing rehabilitation services.

Activities of Daily Living Services
 Provide ongoing assessment, problem solving, side-by-side services, skill teaching, support (prompts, assignments, encouragement) cleaning, furnishing and decorating, and procuring necessities (telephone, furniture, utility hook-up).
 Assist clients to find and maintain a sage and affordable place to live, apartment hunting, finding a roommate, landlord negotiations, cleaning, furnishing and decorating, and procuring necessities (telephone, furniture, utility hook-up).
 Assist and support clients to organize and perform household activities, including house cleaning and laundry.
 Assist and support clients with personal hygiene and grooming task.
 Provide nutrition education and assistance with meal planning, grocery shopping, and food
 Ensure that clients have adequate financial support (help to gain employment and apply for
 Teach money-management skills (budgeting and paying bills) and assist clients in accessing
financial services (e.g., professional financial counseling, emergency loan services).
 Help clients to access reliable transportation (obtain a driver’s license and car and car
insurance, arrange for cabs, use public transportation, find rides).
 Assist and support clients to have and effectively use a personal primary care physician, dentist,
and other medical specialists as required.
Social and Interpersonal Relationships and Leisure Time
 Provide individual supportive therapy (e.g. problem solving, role-playing, modeling and support), social-skill development, and assertiveness training to increase client social and interpersonal activities in community settings.
 Plan, structure and prompt social and leisure-time activities on evenings, weekends and holidays.
 Provide side-by-side support, and coaching to help clients socialize (e.g., going with a client to a basketball game, coaching and supporting a client before he or she goes to a family reunion).
 Organize and lead individual and group social and recreational activities to help clients
structure their time, increase social experiences, and provide opportunities to practice social skills and receive feedback and support.
 Provide practical help and supports, advocacy, coordination, side-by-side individualized support, problem solving, direct assistance, training, and supervision to help clients obtain the necessities of daily living including medical and dental health care; legal and advocacy services; financial support such as entitlements (e.g.; SSI, Social Security Disability Insurance [SSDI] and veterans’ benefits) or housing

Education, Experience, and Knowledge Required
 Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor
 Certified Chemical Addiction Specialist
 Must have a strong commitment to the right and ability of each person with a severe and
persistent mental illness to live in normal community residences; work in market jobs; and have access to helpful, adequate, competent, and continuous supports and services. Skills and competence to establish supportive trusting relationships with persons with severe and persistent mental illness and respect for client right and personal preferences in treatment are essential. Must have a valid driver’s license for North Carolina.
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