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Under the supervision of the Rehabilitation Program Director, the Individual Placement Support Team Lead oversees the operation of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) evidence-based Supported Employment Model. The Team Lead provides outcome-based supervision to the model’s Employment Support Professionals and Employment Peer Mentors to ensure the delivery of evidence-based employment services and ethical practices. Provides oversight of employment services and collaborating with behavioral health supports.Duties:Provides outcome-based supervision with IPS Team by conducting weekly meetings to review situations and identity new strategies and ideas to help IPS individuals in their work lives. Provide individual supervision at least monthly with each staff member, including the development of field mentoring and supervision logs. Provide individual supervision at least monthly with each staff member, including the development of field mentoring and supervision logs. Communicates with Mental Health Treatment Teas leaders to ensure that services are integrated, to problem solve programmatic issues and to be a champion of r the value of work. Attends a meeting for each mental health treatment team on a quarterly basis.Provides direct services to IPS individuals, as well as assumes an active role in engaging referrals and assessing individuals at intake. Develops the PCP or Employment Plan and convenes treatment planning meetings and identifies services, resources, and accommodations as needed to assist individuals who are Dear and Hard of Hearing, those with Limited English Proficiency, and those who are blind or visually impaired.Provide systematic Job Development by spending 65% of their time visiting employers, who are selected based on job seeker preferences, to learn about their business needs and hiring preferences. Makes at least 6 face-to-face employer contacts per week on behalf of the individual looking for work. Keeps weekly tracking form to document employer contacts.Meets weekly with Vocational Rehabilitation IPS Counselor to coordinate services, discuss individual and their employment goals with shared decision-making. Oversee and schedule IPS Steering Committee Meetings and manage the agenda/minutes. Attend monthly IPS Collaborative Meetings and required meetings at Alliance BHC. Execute and drawdown IPS Milestones and attend VR Reviews. Oversees and prepares IPS Team for Fidelity Review, as well as submits required information to the Fidelity Reviewers prior to the date of the review. Develops the two-day agenda to include setting up interviews with the ServiceSource Executive Team, Mental Health Treatment Teams, employers, and IPS individuals.Provide individualized follow along supports to ensure ongoing employment retention and success, yet focused on titrating paid supports down and increasing natural and community supports. Provides ongoing career advancement and planning supports that expand opportunities for professional growth, assist with re-enrollment in higher education or credentialing to expand job skills or enhance career development, and assist the individual in monitoring their satisfaction with employment or determining level of interest for advancement with current employer, and/or changing employers for career advancement.Additional Duties and Responsibilities:Communicate in writing, via phone/email, as well as collaborate in person with ServiceSource Rehab Team, VR Counselors, Alliance BHC Staff, Two Behavioral Health Providers, Consumers, families, natural supports, employers, housing, transportation, and other community service providers who support the individuals. Coordinate services and assure person-centeredness in the service planning process. Develop relationships with employers by learning about their businesses, hiring practice, hiring preferences, and business priorities over multiple visits. Develop the Person-Centered Plan for individuals. Provide critical elements of the Individual Placement Support model to include: career profile, benefits counseling, behavioral health integration, addressing barriers to employment, rapid job search, systematic job development, support with disclosure, job accommodations/assistive technology, follow along supports, career and education development and ongoing skill building and psychiatric rehabilitation. Caseload size not to exceed 10.Education, Experience, Certifications and Licensures:Qualified Professional (QPMH), possess at least 6 months of vocational experience and/or be a Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP). The Team Lead may supervise other IPS-SE staff (maximum of 10) including additional Employment Support Professionals and Employment Peer Mentors. Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services field required, plus a minimum of three (3) years of experience and/or training working with individuals with severe mental illness. Must possess a valid driver’s license and ability to transport participants in company vehicle.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form ∙ Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with consumers, families, all levels of staff, and community agencies.Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating/maintenance instructions and procedure manuals.Ability to operate a computer using Windows. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is preferred, particularly: Access, Word and Outlook.Knowledge and application of the evidence-based model and applicable approaches of employments to include: Customized Employment, Self-Employment, Micro-Enterprise, Small Business or Business -Led Internship Training.A well organized and self-directed individual who is a team player.An intelligent and articulate individual who can relate to people at all levels of the organization.Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standard exists

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