High-Fidelity ACT 101 in Raleigh, NC

Dec 4-6, 2019
Lorna Moser, Ph.D.

This 2 1/2-day in-person training accompanied with pre-recorded webinars covers ACT topics, including: ACT History, Research, and Fidelity; ACT Staffing; ACT Leadership: ACT Medical Team; ACT specialists and related specialty services (co-occurring substance use, employment, peer support, housing, psychiatric rehabilitation); assertive outreach; assessment and person-centered planning; and daily team meeting. 

Training is led by UNC Institute for Best Practice staff, Lorna Moser, Ph.D. and Stacy Smith, MEd, LPC, MINT Member, as well as guest speakers.  Training is appropriate for both new ACT providers, seasoned ACT providers, and other stakeholder groups (e.g, ACT governing bodies and MCO staff).  Participation meets requirements of NC DHHS ACT Policy for new ACT team members. Out-of-state attendees welcome.

IPS 101 in Hillsborough, NC

July 30-31, 2019

The Individual Placement and Support (IPS) 101 training formerly called SE Foundations is required by all IPS team members (Team Lead, Employment Specialist, and Employment Peer Mentor) and Assertive Community Treatment team members (Vocational Specialists and Team Leaders).

The two-day training will be an introduction to the evidence-based practice, incorporating the philosophy, practice principles, and the elements of the practice.

The National APSE Conference in St. Louis

June 18-19, 2019

The Institute’s Melissa DeHaven and Penny Liles presented “Strengths Training: No Workout Required!” A training that helped participants identify strengths and use strengths language when helping people find and maintain jobs.

Yesterday, they presented “Matchmaker: Make me a Match.” This training showed participants how to be mindful of the ways in which symptoms might impact the job search and how to plan job supports around them.

Overall, the goal of these IPS trainers was promoting employment for individuals with mental health and substance use diagnoses. 

Employment Peer Mentor Training-Raleigh Area

June 12-14, 2019

Lyn Legere recently led our Employment Peer Mentor (EPM) training, which is designed for those people working as EPMs on IPS teams across North Carolina.

The 3-day mandatory training supports EPMs to understand their specific role on IPS teams, learn how to maintain their “peerness” and recognize how the NC service definition for EPMs differs from, but complements, the Employment Specialist.

START Training with Dr. Sarah Desmarais

May 22, 2019

Our recent two-day Intro to START Training with Dr. Sarah Desmarais from NC State. Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability (START) is a framework and tool providers (broadly defined) can use to systematically examine strengths and protective factors, as well as current problems that create risks…

Spanning a full array of “risks,” undercutting and interfering with recovery. The intent is to strategically help increase protective factors and decrease problems through thoughtful supports and interventions.

IPS Documentation Training in Saxapahaw

March 19th, 2019

Ariel Reynolds, MSW

How to write a PIE Note

  • Purpose – Goals for the meeting or overriding goal/s for individual
  • Intervention – Brief summary of what occurred, an outline of steps taken during the meeting
  • Effectiveness – The narrative – what was learned, important details, and plans for next steps


High-Fidelity ACT 101 training in Raleigh, NC

“You never forget that feeling when you are somebody,” shared an audience member, who also shared some background, while discussing supportive housing and watching Coco’s story.

Amidst a discussion of supportive housing, we showed this video:

Sixty team members, spanning positions (COD, employment and peer specialists, QPs, nurses, psychiatrists, therapists, and team leaders) and the state (Asheville to Wilmington), attended our recent High-Fidelity ACT 101 training in Raleigh, NC.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Training

February 12th & 13th, 2019

Stacy Smith, LPC & MINT

Newer Ways of Seeing Recovery

The Institute is so grateful to Sandhill’s MCO for encouraging their providers to develop deeper skills in Co-Occurring (Mental Health & Substance Use) treatment practices. Stacy Smith, LPC and MINT said, “The robust discussions around newer ways of seeing recovery is so pleasing. We met providers willing and able to help using the latest in evidence-based practices like harm reduction and medication assisted therapy!”