Dec 4-6, 2019
Lorna Moser, Ph.D.

This 2 1/2-day in-person training accompanied with pre-recorded webinars covers ACT topics, including: ACT History, Research, and Fidelity; ACT Staffing; ACT Leadership: ACT Medical Team; ACT specialists and related specialty services (co-occurring substance use, employment, peer support, housing, psychiatric rehabilitation); assertive outreach; assessment and person-centered planning; and daily team meeting. 

Training is led by UNC Institute for Best Practice staff, Lorna Moser, Ph.D. and Stacy Smith, MEd, LPC, MINT Member, as well as guest speakers.  Training is appropriate for both new ACT providers, seasoned ACT providers, and other stakeholder groups (e.g, ACT governing bodies and MCO staff).  Participation meets requirements of NC DHHS ACT Policy for new ACT team members. Out-of-state attendees welcome.